The Light….

dsc_4001The twinkle
The flicker
The glimmer
Wisping in like smoke
From out of nowhere
Often gone as fast it came
To highlight
To accentuate
To bring forth
Simple as it is
Sometimes soft
Sometimes hard
A stream of light
Not to be ignored

Or something like that.  I have a ramble working around in my head, but I want it to not be a ramble.  No, I want it to be deep and worthy of what I really want to say.  With that said, it won’t be happening in this blog.  Probably in a post or two, it depends on when I can formulate my words properly.  In the  meantime, I hope this suits a bit of satisfaction.

As for the picture.  The light wasn’t directly on it.  This was another one from Wisconsin and it was early in the morning.  This also is not the original picture.  I played around with it and I like it….hope you do too.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

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