Through the….

DSC_9638-2.jpgThe crap, we can often find beauty.  That is if we look hard enough….at least that is what I’m constantly being told.   Some days that is easier to believe than others, but I do believe there is beauty to be found.  That has never been a secret.

As for this picture.  If you haven’t figured it out, this colorful little thing was sitting on a pile of dog poo.  Guess there are benefits to people not cleaning up after their dogs.  I still do, but the fact that this person didn’t….it worked to my advantage.  These moths, butterflies, whatever they actually are….they were a few of the only things worth photographing on this journey and they didn’t want to sit still.  Except for this one right here on the pile of crap.  Kind of symbolic….maybe.  If I was looking to get all philosophical and deep.   I’ll let you take your own from it.  As for me.  Right now it was just a picture that I decided to play around with and make it less obvious of what he was sitting on.

I mean…nobody really needed to know that. Sitting on a pile of crud, sometimes that is left better kept to ourselves.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

2 thoughts on “Through the….

  1. There is so much that could be said – but you covered most of it! Be nice to see a metaphorical butterfly or moth appear from the recent political crap…I’ll stop there, wouldn’t want to be overtly political, that’s just not done!
    Enjoy your week!

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