Happy New Year….

dsc_0842Here’s to hoping that your first day has been more eventful than mine.  I fed horses this morning.  I regular weekend routine now and now I’m just watching ‘The Walking Dead’.  My guilty pleasure, but most know this about me.

I’m not really sure what I’m hoping for the new year.  I’ll be relocating.  It is just a matter as to whether it is near or far.  That is undecided.  I will hopefully be able to get back into my photography.  Truth be told….I’ve just not really had the heart for it.  I even made one huge splurge hoping that it would help.

I bought one them there expensive lenses that requires a tripod.  Not the crazy expenses, but the lens cost more than my last camera.  And…I’ve touched it once….it was a fail.  To be fair, I did get a few good shots, but it was freezing and I wasn’t really dressed to be out in 20 something degree weather.   Apparently, it is hard to get good focusing and clicking going when your hands are turning to ice.  Who knew?  In my defense, it was supposed to be warmer than what it turned out.  Still, it frustrated me, but I digress.

Other than that, I’m not sure what my hopes are for this new year.  Just to roll with it, I suppose.  It is really about all that we can do.

Whatever your plans are. I hope you have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

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