That Moment….

dsc_6825That you like something and you don’t know why.   Maybe that is just me.

This picture for example.  The original wasn’t the greatest.  A bit on the dark side, but sometimes I can turn those into something that I like.  It is still a bit on the dark side, but I played around with the coloring only and a bit of the exposure.  That hazy look it kind of has, that was already there.  And I just like this picture.

Maybe it is the haze.  I love the right kind of hazy pictures.  I’m not always good about capturing them just right myself.  Maybe it is the color, but even before I altered the coloring…well, I still liked the picture.  Maybe it is the rock formations in the background.  I was hiking up the Black Hills to a fire lookout post at the time.  Maybe it is just the picture as a whole.

It is also a bit on the angelic side.  Just a bit.   The way that the clouds are slightly parted and the sun is breaking through.  The trees framing the sun rays just right.  With the blue clouds and rocky tops outlining the background.  And you just realize at any moment, that darkness will be lifted and the brightness will shine down.   I think that it is a bit angelic anyway.

It is that moment, when I also realize that it is the kind of picture that I needed right now.  To remind me of how I felt in that moment.  That little bit of peace and contentment.  Wowness at the view.  The story behind that need today…well, it is one for another day.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

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