Ram It All…

DSC_5813I have been holding on to this set of pictures for quite a while.  I didn’t want to just post them. I don’t know what I wanted for sure, but more than just a post.
DSC_5865He is a beautiful boy.  Just standing a long side the road while the sun set.  Munching on the grass. I was so excited. Those horns are amazing.
DSC_5847Looking at these pictures makes me think about that conversation a few weeks back with another photographer.  Outside of his dismay or my lack of knowledge and equipment, he was also quite annoyed at my wildlife pictures.  Sounds funny, doesn’t it?

It wasn’t that I had wildlife pictures.  No.  It was that I had managed to take them without using auto focus and without any real grief.   Um…sorry?  I mean, I guess that is something that I should be sorry for.  Maybe?  No?  Yeah…I’ll be honest, I’m really not.

DSC_5820I’ve discussed it in other post that when it comes to wildlife, I take my time. I didn’t always, but I learned to become one with the moment.  I sit with patience and I respect their space.  I mean, that is kind of a huge part of wildlife photography…I think.  It is what I’ve heard.

You could tell that he was put back a bit when I explained that I did not use autofocus and that I did everything manually the best that I could.  That I did my best not to infringe too much on their world.  Eventually, he came to terms with it, though.  He then said, “You are the kind of person that also thanks the animal, aren’t you?”  Why yes, sir, I do. I’m a tree loving hippie and I would thank a flower if I thought that it could come charging at me faster than the speed of light.

DSC_5832I don’t know much about rams, but I’m guessing he could have knocked me on my bum if he had really wanted to.  I mean, they do charge and I’m guessing he could have done exactly that.  He didn’t, though.  He just looked at me and then went back to his grazing.  Peacefully munching in the South Dakota Badlands as the breeze wondered in and the sun set behind us.  So, thank you, Mr. Ram…you gave me some pretty awesome pictures and an amazing moment to hold on to.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

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