The Coyote

dsc_7388My trip to South Dakaota was by far one of my favorite trips.  There was wildlife galore.

It was quite entertaining actually.  I was going through the little brochure/map that they give you at the gate and I saw pictures of all the animals that you could potentially see.  I would see one that I wanted to see and I’d be like,  “I didn’t even know that was an option. I want to see that.”  Low and behold, I would get to see it.

It started with the coyote as I was standing at a park sign that was discussing the area.  I’ve seen coyotes before, but I had never seen one while I actually had my camera.  I said, “I want to see a coyote,” then out of the corner of my eye….there he was.

I said it with other animals too.  A deer.  An owl.  Mountain Goats.  I got to see them all.  I also said it with the mountain lions, but I never did get to see one of those.  Next time.  dsc_7392
Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

One thought on “The Coyote

  1. That’s funny. I do that sometimes too. Once, I wanted to see a band that I didn’t even know was still working. I mentioned it to the people with whom we were visiting. They were playing around the corner from them. That night.

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