DSC_7705I grew up watching Woody Woodpecker.  A character that is probably lost on today’s most of the younger generation.  A lot of the best cartoon characters really are.  Cartoons just aren’t what they use to be.  Even the ones that are still some of the ones I grew up with (Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Loony Toons, Scooby Doo), the voices and the over all cartoon itself…they’re just not the same.  We could blame it on my age, but seeing as how I will still happily watch Tom and Jerry occasionally, it is not that.  Cartoons just aren’t what they use to be, but I digress.
DSC_7714Guess I woke up feeling a little nostalgic this morning and probably a bit melancholy.  That is neither here nor there, though.  It will got as fast as this little guy flew.

He is one of two woodpeckers that I saw while on my trip.  Or I guess I should say heard.  I just barely saw the other little guy.  He was in and out of those trees so fast.  This guy chose an area with fewer leaves, making him a bit easier to catch.  DSC_7717I don’t know what it is about woodpeckers.  Maybe it is their resilience.  If you can say that they have that.  Their determination as they peck away at a tree.  Could be that famous woodpecker that I grew up with.  Whatever it is, I do always take the time to stop and look for a woodpecker when I hear his song pecking out in the trees.

DSC_7707Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

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