This and That….

DSC_0057I haven’t been very good about the blogging lately.  Truth be told, I just have been in the mood for it.

I spoke to another photographer over the weekend and we were talking about equipment and knowledge.  He asked me if I had this and that.  Then if I knew this or that.  One of the things he asked me, I said I didn’t know because of the way he worded it. It turns out that I do actually know how to do that.  Still, his dismay at my knowledge (or what he considered lack there of) and his almost disgust at what I own and don’t own….well, it is a bit frustrating and disheartening.

Then of course my mind went to all the criticism, in the blogging and photography world as well as several other areas.  It has just kind of put me in a frustrated place. This blog will not be about whining, though.  It will not be a sob story.  And I’m not going to allow myself to turn it into a rant.  I am trying to be above that.

I would like to justify it.  I would like to rant, but the truth is…there is just way too much beauty left in this world for me to get wrapped up in the negativity.  Even though it really is so easy to do.  It is.  So, instead of being sucked into it…I just fight even harder to remember the positive aspects and the things that make me smile.

Things like sitting on a field of green overlooking a valley of badlands as the sun comes up (or goes down).  Valleys that go on for miles.  Skies that go on for miles.  Clouds and blueness that you often only see in a television show. Those kinds of things that make me smile.

I hope that each of you has a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

4 thoughts on “This and That….

  1. Love this photograph! As for the other photographer, I think that sometimes people hide their own insecurities behind questions aimed to catch out others – gives them a sense of superiority that isn’t necessary or justified. Dreary people…
    Enjoy your day!

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  2. I think photographing is never about the equipment but more about the photograph. As far as knowledge goes, if you can do what you want to do, then you are knowledgeable enough. Least important of all, is what some other person thinks! That is a great photo by the way 🙂

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