The Light

DSC_8265Through the mist and the trees, the morning sun made its debut.  With a light breeze of crisp, early morning air…the weather was just right. She made her way up the trail. Through the dirt and leaves, sticks and rocks.  Greeted by squirrels and chipmunks.  Startled by groundhogs scurrying away.  It was enough to make her smile.

With each approaching step, the sun became brighter.  Highlighting the trees with its rays.  It was as if it was bragging, “Look at what I can do.”  Brag on, sun.  Brag on.  She had seen many of beauty throughout her travels, but nothing like this.  There was an unsettling goodness about the vision before her.  The sun had earned the right.

As she continued to walk on,  each step created an increased feeling of peace.  A feeling that settled in deep and filled each crevice of her soul.  Cares had slipped away. Stress no longer existed.   Her spirit had reawakened.  She did not know if this feeling would last, just that she would forever remember the moment it began.

DSC_8268Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

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