The Calling

DSC_5239If you believe in that kind thing, but I think that most people do. At least I think.  I think I do anyway.

This road, is it my calling?  Can a road call you?  I guess in a sense it can.  The representation of the road…I think that is what calls me the most.  The traveling. The roaming.  The looking for something. You know…all that cheesy stuff that a road is supposed to symbolize.  Either way, this picture is open and full of possibilities. It made me think about some previous blog posts and advise that I’ve received from a few followers. I then got to talking to my friend, whom I’ve been helping out by editing his papers before he turns them in for his class.  We talked about writing.  My writing.  My calling.  Whatever that last one may be.

A long time ago, I use to write.  Not what you’ve seen here in the blogs.  Really write.  Poetry. Short stories. I was working on a book.  I wrote.  Like the sun rises, I wrote.  With passion.  With purpose. With inspiration.  Then life happened.  And truth be told, I became lost.  Like Hansel and Gretel in the forest where they were abandoned.  However, I haven’t really been able to find that house made out of candy.  Actually, that might be a good thing.  I’ve got  quite the sweet tooth and my metabolism isn’t what it use to be.  Anyway, sorry…lost track.  Buffalo! (You know instead of squirrel? Bad movie reference?  My apologies.)
DSC_5234What was my point again?  You know, as I place a random picture in the middle of my writing….oh, yes, passion and inspirations and callings.

These two pictures…they symbolize so much with so little and they remind me that when I don’t think about what other people have to say….I do pretty darn well.  I’ve been told to include stories, switch things up, and I’ve been told to just blog for me.   That is all some mighty fine advise and some that I’ve taken to heart.

Part of my writing and photography issues comes from the fact that I have always longed for approval on all of it.   The windows of self-confidence often appear to look upon the eyes of others.  When not enough people like this post or that picture, it is nerve racking.  It is frustrating and it can even be disheartening.   That sounds like a train with a squeaky wheel and I cannot say that I like that, but there it is.

It is not my intent to show self-pity. I do not feel sorry for myself.  Everyone is different and everyone has their quirks, their likes, their dislikes, and truth be told…I don’t want to be everyone’s cup of tea.  I’d much rather be a few people’s shot of whiskey.  I’m like fire on the heels of a tornado.  A flower child dancing barefoot through a field of wild flowers.  A little kid playing in the mud and catching rain drops with her tongue.  That is…when the true me gets a chance to shine anyway.

With that said, I know I’ve said it before, but the blog will be changing it up a bit.  My original intent…the writing and the photography, I’m going to do my best to do it right and my way this time.  I may not get the likes in the amounts that I would like.  I may lose a few followers.  You know what?  The girl that took these pictures.  The girl that stopped on a curve in the mountains of Wyoming to take a picture of a brown bear.  The one that scaled the side of the mountain after mountain goats.  Truth be told, she’s okay with that, because what is meant to be will be.

I hope that you stick around for the ride to see what comes about.  I appreciate all my followers, because regardless…y’all rock.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photoraphy

3 thoughts on “The Calling

  1. Rose I love this pictures that are truly stunning with such beauty that I can tell that God called to you to them as I get this feeling when I shoot my own photos .You are a very talented photographer and know I think you should give writing another try as I can see that what you have here is very well written..Many Blessings Robert 🙂

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