A Few More

Here are a few more from that set I spoke of yesterday.  I still couldn’t decide which ones to post, so…yes, they’re all posted.  I know. I know, but I couldn’t decided.  I hope that you like them just the same.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

4 thoughts on “A Few More

  1. Partially. There were some really good pictures at the beginning of the set. I guess, it’s a ram? The picture you shared via FB today. Very cool picture. So too, with some of the first sheep. Or, even the Instagram picture at the side of this page. You don’t get to see that very often.

    Now, they are all sheep pictures are starting to look the same. I come from old school; editing for newspapers, magazine and books. Publishing (posting) means you had to be very selective because it cost a lot to print ink on paper. The cost as gone away in the digital age, but there is one thing to learn from that. Keep your readers (followers) interested and excited to see the work… maybe mix them up. In one post, maybe put some sheep with some scenery and landmarks and tell a little story. Something like that.

    Think about it in slightly different way. What would it be like if you went to see your favorite musician and he/she played every song at about the same tempo and emotional level? You’d be headed to the back of the venue looking for a beer. 🙂


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