The Mule Deer

DSC_8370It was an early, early morning in South Dakota.  I was walking this hiking trail to Little Devil’s Tower.  It is not often that I get to hike as I often have my four legged companion in tow.  Many places like the one I was in, they do not allow pets on trails.  Anyway, I fully chose to take advantage of this traveling freedom.  It is no offense to the zone, but I do love my hikes.

As I was walking, the sun was beginning to shine in its brightest early morning glow.  I was the only hiker on the trail, so I had the sun and the nature to  myself.   I remember first seeing the sun just beaming through the trees and having this sense of peace. This sense of confidence. This is of something greater. I often get in touch with my inner self, but this was a deeper spiritual connection. I disregarded it as the man above and I are not always on the same page.

I worked my way up the trail.  Rocky hills, it becoming apparent how out of shape I had allowed myself to become.  Still, I trudged on.  Then I reached this grassy area where three mule deer stood in the dewy grass, grazing on the grass and leaves.  I had saw one further back, but these three were closer and in better light.

As I stopped,  I raised my camera and began to take some shots.  As I did, this beauty walked towards me with dowy eyes just staring me down.  My heart warmed, for whatever reason. Again, a feeling that I can honestly say I’ve never experienced.
DSC_8348He walked to only a few feet in front of me and we just stood there staring at each other for a moment.  The little guy then walked a little closer and began munching on a plant in front of me.  I continued to respect his space, but did shoot a couple of more pictures. That is a slight under estimate, as it was more than a couple…I was in awe and wanted to capture the moments so rare.

Sorry for the longer post.  Hope you didn’t mind.  Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

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