Sheeping Crazy….

DSC_4543Seriously, I have so many longhorn sheep pictures, it is sheeping crazy.  I’ve not even put a dent in all the pictures that I want to show the world.  I was very proud with this set of pictures.  Not just the sheep, but so very many. I cannot wait to show you more buffalo pictures.  I mean, I guess clearly I can as I’m not sharing them yet, but I’m just kind of working through them. Trying to get some organization, I suppose.  I get a little obsessive compulsive about things.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these pictures.  I’m not sure yet what my next adventure will be, but I’ve got plenty of pictures to share until I figure it out.  These two are the same stance, but one I caught the weeds where as the other I caught the sheep.  I know which one I like more, but I’ll let you decide yours.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.
DSC_4544Montana Rose Photography

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