The Tree….

DSC_0208There is something about trees that I love.  Their strength maybe.  It takes some pretty strong forces to bring down the right tree.  A force to be reckoned with, if you will.  Rarely me sometimes, but I know we all have those moments.

These two pictures are actually the same tree at different times of the day and different angles.  I am not sure what is up with the smudgy looking blur.  It was not a photo shop…it was a camera issue.  One of probably many that has had that very same camera in the shop for the last three plus weeks.  Yes, that is right.  My favorite Nikon has been in the shop since the Thursday after I got back. That is a soapbox I will stay off.

Camera issues aside…this was my favorite spot.  The strip of Wind Cave National Park that runs through the main roads of the two actual parks.  I was trying to work on my long exposure.  It’s still a work in progress, but I will get there.  Until then and for now, I bid adieu.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow. DSC_0204Montana Rose Photography

9 thoughts on “The Tree….

  1. I probably shouldn’t get you on your soapbox :), but what’s wrong with your camera? What is it doing, or not doing? The smug looks like some kind of dirt on the sensor, which is about the only place you could record something like that. Or, it could be something on the back end of the lens…

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    • It is okay. My soapbox was fully opened this afternoon. 😀

      For the smudge, I’m 98% sure that was the problem right there. The inside got all sorts of dirty…I really have no idea how. I mean, I’ve got a list of suspicions. I’m bad about changing my lens on dusty old roads and rolling with the windows down on those very roads. And there was enough dust in my car to make my own dirt road. I also had a very bad habit of scaling some mountain sides and rocks without thinking about it (camera in tow). Full responsibility…won’t even try to deny it.

      Then this white light orb starting showing up in all my pictures. I took off my lens to look and I popped out the focusing prism. It was filthy and so I cleaned it or so I thought that I had and it just made it worse. The metal piece that holds down the prism part was fine and this is something I’ve done a hundred times over between the three cameras, but next thing I knew (after x amount of times) the metal piece popped out and wouldn’t go back in. And the prism part was damaged not just dirty.

      Again, I was a bad camera owner…very, very, very bad camera owner. Should probably have my camera rights revoked to be honest. Just the same, though, getting a little frustrated. They’ve had it for almost a month now and it took them two weeks to just tell me how much it was going to cost me to fix it.


      • Oh, I don’t know. I read a lot of “pixel peeper” blogs and websites hoping to learn a little more technology. The one thing I’ve learned is that most of them don’t actually take pictures unless the conditions are perfect, to which I reply two things.

        Perfection is for angels and why have a camera if you aren’t going to use it?

        I beat my cameras up all the time. That’s what happens when you take pictures .

        As far the long return date does. Every camera manufacturer — all of them except Leica — send their non-pro bodies to one of about three partner sites in the country. The manufacturers no longer repair them unless they are deemed pro. For Nikon, I think that’s the D3, 4 or 5 and the D810. Maybe the D650. Every other body goes to some place like Precision Camera in Conn. They were once pretty good, but now they are over worked because every manufacturer sends their cameras there.

        If the place you took your camera is actually doing the work themselves, it takes forever for them to get parts because all the parts are shipping to those authorized repair centers.

        That said, what you mean is the focusing screen. The prism is all mirrors and would be impossible to take out. Screens are made to come out. In the old days, you could replace them with difference ones depending on what you mostly shot. I still have some old F3 screens, which I replaced with ones that were better suited to shooting sports. That said, the frame mechanism that holds them shouldn’t fall out as it was meant to pop down so you could remove the screen.

        As far as dust and all of that goes. Unless you are actually shooting, you might do what I do. I use plastic freezer bags with ziplock closures. For me, I’m keeping moisture and humidity out. For you, you’d be keeping dust out. It’s a pain, but unless you have a bunch of bodies, you don’t want one breaking while you are on the road.

        Don’t beat yourself up so much. 🙂 You were out taking picture.

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      • Yes, the “Focusing prism” didn’t sound right, but that is what the woman at the camera shot called it and when I looked it up the screen is what came up, but “focusing screen” makes more sense. She did say that they would have to send it out, though, so what you have said would explain a lot.

        As far as the metal piece, yeah…I’ve never had this problem before. I might not be referring to the right piece, but it does sound like you and I are talking about the same thing. I’ve had them pop out before (on the Sony), but it was always an easy fix. This one was not. I still accept blame, but it also seems like a design flaw the way this one was in there (even before my hands got in there).

        I might also try the baggy thing. I was using this one at the time…it was on stand by in the seat as I was constantly making sudden stops and needed it at an easy grab.

        I was photo taking fool and I am trying to not be too hard myself, just would have preferred for it to have been one of the less expensive cameras. I mean, they really do take a beating too. It also had me wishing I had gone ahead and took that third camera with me. 😀

        Thank you for the tips. I really do appreciate them.


      • We are talking about the same thing. I haven’t take a screen out in a long time, but in those days when you bought a screen, it came packaged with a little thing that looked like tweezers. You took the screen out with that. The prism is the all the mirrors in the top of your camera at about the same place where you put your eye.

        The other thing to keep in mind is that today, no camera is built to keep going. Even the very top end models wear out at a certain point. BTW, if you don’t mind what are they estimating the cost to repair it?

        You’re welcome. 🙂

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      • It does seem like nothing is actually meant to last these days. I think about that every time I grumble about how many laptops I’ve had to replace in the last few years, but I digress.

        They charged me $249.00 (primarily labor I’m sure). There just aren’t a whole lot of places in this area and I didn’t feel like driving all the way to Indianapolis.


      • We’ve been lucky on computers, but often the technology changes so fast that you upgrade out of need.

        That’s not a bad price. The repair places that I wrote of earlier, start at about $300. Your camera should return repaired, cleaned up and almost refurbed. Even if your price at $249 was high, you’d have to weigh that against your time, mileage and gas.

        You are lucky. New Orleans is about 330,000 people, with the surrounding area called Greater New Orleans… about 1,000,000. No place to have camera repairs done locally. In fact, there is only one camera store. They not do repair intake.

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