DSC_4124Sorry, not sheep.  Never fear, there are plenty of those still lingering around in my South Dakota folder, but these are actual longhorn cattle.  I was excited.

I don’t quite remember where I was.  I think that I was in Wisconsin.  Though, I also feel like the speed limit was 80ish, so I’m not sure.  What I do remember is that I had pulled off onto the exit to see this little village that apparently had camels.  Camels! Yeah, it was closed. Probably because it was like 5 something in the morning.  I know, but I took a chance.

I wasn’t really expecting the village to be opened, but I also wasn’t expecting it to be gated off. Probably should have.  As it is starting to come back to me, it was supposed to be a “movie set town” from Dances With Wolves?  Braveheart?  Okay, so I remember it was a movie set town type thing, but I really for the life of me cannot remember which one.  Probably because I rolled my eyes and said that it was more likely for me to win the lottery.  Probably because this same strip of road also had a place that claims to have the real “General Lee” from the Dukes of Hazzard.  Let’s just say…I don’t believe that one either, but I digress.

Anyway…as I was pulling back onto the highway…after not getting to see camels, I just happened to glance over and see these beauties.  Yes, I stopped.  I probably would have been less likely had the highway been busier, but at that time of day and in that neck of the woods…well, traffic wasn’t really an issue.

Don’t know if these pictures were worth it, but I’d most likely do it again.  Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.  DSC_4127DSC_4133DSC_4134DSC_4144Montana Rose Photography

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