It’s the….

DSC_8980.jpgIt’s the eye of the burro, it’s the cream of the crop.  Wait, that is not how it goes. Oh well, this is clearly not a tiger….though, that would be awesome.  This is a burro.  There was a whole herd of them at the park.  A little bit of soapbox coming about. Just be forewarned.

These beautiful babies were clearly use to humans and extremely used to be fed.  The the extent where if they saw people, they expected food. And as always, humans delivered.  I will not rant.  I will not even stand upon my soapbox as I previously thought that I would, but I’m just saying.  They’re still considered a wild animal.  That is all.

They were so fun to watch and the babies were too cute.  I have all these little tongue marks on the Chevy where they licked it.  Yes, this is apparently what happens when your car is covered with dust and a burro decides to take a taste…or two or three or four.  I don’t mind and eventually I will get around to washing my car.  Of course, I have also been saying that since long before my South Dakota trip.

Anyway, I just really love this shot because I really kind of like looking through the eyes of animals.  I actually like eyes in general. There are so many stories there.  What are yours?

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

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