Turkey Run….

DSC_3863No, this is not an actual turkey run.  There were no turkeys and it would be rather hard to run. At least I think it would. It probably actually depends.

It is not that the path is rough.  It is just a busy, busy place.  Turkey Run State Park that is.  Locate somewhere in Indiana.  I’m not sure what part, it’s not that I’m trying to keep that part a secret…I’m not.  It is on the way to my grandma and grandpa’s.  Like you all know where that is.   They live in Illinois and it is off of one of the roads that I take to get to them.  I’m really just not always good with the whole “North, south, east, and west” thing.  It’s off of 74 in Indiana, that’s about all I can tell you.

And that if you are looking for a quiet hike, this may not be the place for you.  It is a busy, busy place.  I’ve not actually ever been there before now, so I was not aware of the traffic it get.  Now I know.

DSC_3867The zone and I were bored and headed that way one fine Sunday.  One fine, ridiculously hot Sunday.  It was worth it. I’m glad that I went. Don’t know if I’ll go again.  If I do, it will probably be early in the morning and during  the week.

I do not want to knock it as it is a beautiful park.  It was just not a favorable experience for me this time around, unfortunately.  I’m use to some busy-ness. That is to be expected on nice days; especially, nice warm days.  I just manage to usually be able to find that one trail that seems to escape the high traffic….This trip would prove otherwise.

It was not just groups of 2 or 3.  No, it was large-large groups and those were the ones that tested me in every way.  There is a level of consideration for fellow hikers I believe that you must have.  This is especially so when you are dealing with narrow paths, rocky paths, and paths that are a bit of both and have rather steep drops.  These larger groups…unfortunately, this level of respect was non-existent.  They did not care that the rocky little walk way, with the drop, wasn’t big enough for everyone. Or that the zone and I were waiting patiently for them to get out of the way so we could move on.

Yes, those people are everywhere.  I know this, but I do go to nature to escape them.  It is just a little disheartening when they manage to find me there.  Still the park itself…it is worth the visit.  There are some seriously beautiful (and muddy) spots.  Those seemed to be the zone’s favorite spots.    Maybe it was the puddles of waters she insisted on walking through or the mud that she dug her paws deep into, getting that mud deep into the crevices between her toes…I’m not sure, but she loved it.   DSC_3873These pictures are of one the quieter trails…only because the zone and I managed to get ahead of the two larger herds of people for a bit.  This was also the coolest area.  It was called “Bear Hollow.”  I believe, anyway.  I think that is what one of the fellow hikers called it.  There was no signs, I don’t know for sure. I was just kind of about following the trail and hoping that zone and I managed to find our way back to the car. We did by the way…:)  I know you were wondering.

If you don’t mind large crowds and you are in Indiana, it is a good little park. Several hiking trails, water, and scenery.  It is definitely worth the visit….even if it only ends up being once.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

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