The Flame….

DSC_3192The flame.  I don’t know what else to say.  As I was posting yesterday’s post it donned on me…I haven’t talked about that thing. That huge thing that happened.  It seems to happen so often anymore. That heart wrenching thing.

This flame was for decoration, gracing part of one of the tables at my friend’s wedding. She made these little bottles herself (or with friends, but it was a DYI project is what I meant).  She’s a bit more craftier than I am.  With that said, it should be a representation of love and happiness. It is in many ways. Flames represent so much.

Today, I want it to represent life and rebirth.  This world is not without tragedy and sadly….we’ve not seen the last, but we cannot stop.  We cannot shrivel up in fear.  We must use that moment to mourn and grow. To be reborn and to grow stronger. To find our way to cope with the way the world is becoming and support those that need it and defeat the evil that we can.  I know that is horses riding in the sky, but the world doesn’t stop and we can’t let the workings stop us.

Here is to all those that have lost their lives. The singer. The 49. And all the rest. Those that are suffering. Those that just are.  May flames burn for your memories and reincarnate faith and healing in those that need it most. Fly high and find the light.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.  DSC_3190Montana Rose Photography

***For those that saw these pictures yesterday, my apologies. I don’t know what I did and I thought that I had removed them.***

One thought on “The Flame….

  1. Well said. There are a small number (I hope) of people willing to do truly awful things. There is, I hope, also an overwhelming majority of good hearted people willing to speak up and say “this is wrong!”
    Thank you, and have a pleasant weekend.

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