The Heart….

DSC_3239I’ve always kind of been a sucker for “signs” and I think this was a huge one.

My friend that got married hasn’t has the best of luck with love. Like a lot, me included, a list of heartbreaks and/or disappointments. The never meant to be’s. Yet, she has found the one.  From my understanding, he was already there. Someone she had known since high school. And  like most, she knows that had she not gone through what she went through…they wouldn’t have been the people that they needed to be to be together.

Their love was so apparent.  They way they looked at each other and the warmth and happiness that just radiated from them.  Even I cannot deny that love was in the air.  The way that a wedding day should be.

As I was walking away from the room she was getting ready, I happened to look down at the path.  I am not sure why, something I just have a bad habit of doing. The path was lined with wood as there was a little garden type area against the building.  Upon the wood decor…there it sat.  A tiny little heart.  Just one. Just randomly placed.

It made me smile. It was as if even nature knew. I know all that is a bit on the cheesy side, but I don’t do it often.  It just kind of renewed my faith and hope that one day, I’d be in same place as she.  I mean, if I believe what nature sees.

I hope you all have a beautiful day and tomorrow.
DSC_3240Montana Rose Photography

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