What’s Behind the Curtain?

DSC_2954Or don’t pay attention to what’s behind the curtain.  You know, whichever.  Unfortunately, I really do not know what is behind the curtain.  I never got to see.

I’m picturing vintage furniture that has been long dusted over.  Sitting upon the place that it sat when the house was occupied.  Peeling wallpaper and fading paint.  Pictures with a decade of dust covering the images that once lit up a room.  A kitchen table with place mats carrying the same amount of dust and center arrangement to match.  Pots still on the stove, papers on the counter, and years of rust and lime on the long forgotten sink.  This is just what I picture.

The house has apparently sat empty for over a decade.  I would like to think that the tenants took most of their belongings when they left. Obviously, they left behind some, but to be honest I do not know. It would depend on the reason for the abandonment.  The information was not offered and I did not ask.  All I know is it sits on a lot, hidden by trees and weeds.  Nothing to really see, but a shed to the left and the window peeking from beyond the trees.  A house left alone to its weathered time.  Probably because most of the town knows the owners or at least the son.

It was a beautiful house none the less. Even with all its years.  I could see living here, but I suspect it will sit empty for many more decades to come.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow. DSC_2955Montana Rose Photography

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