DSC_2937Lost and forgotten in small town Indiana. Much like the cemetery, I will not disclose the location of this gem.  At least I think that it is a gem.

We know by now that I have a thing for old abandoned houses, but it is not often that I actually get to sneak inside of one.  I guess this is what happens when one starts renovations and then just abandons it.  This is how it has sat for many of years, apparently.   One of many, but the only one that someone can actually get into.

Amazingly enough this house hasn’t been victim to the druggies or teenagers.  Guess that is what else happens when it is small town USA and there are actually very few teenagers around and the druggies are known by everybody.  That’s probably not why it has been left alone, but for now…only time is taking its toll.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow. DSC_2938DSC_2939DSC_2942Montana Rose Photography

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