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Lily me this….

DSC_2652Lily me that. Why does the lily color like that?  Sorry, I was trying to make it rhyme.

In all fairness, though, my mom claims these lilies were orange last year.  So, yes, why did they color purple instead of orange?  Do they change colors?  Resources say no.  Some magic seed?  I’m guessing no.  My mom not being really sure?  Um…yes, that’s probably more likely.  She does tend to just throw seeds out and not know what she’s tossing out.  She also tends to be forgetful.

So, though, it is possible there may have been some orange ones last year, I’m guessing these were not it and that the orange did not survive another, “maybe it is winter, maybe it is not” season.  We shall see. Maybe some orange ones will grow in anyway.  These on the other hand, will be purple as long as they survive…which it is my mother, so…that could be questionable in of itself.  She’s never been one with the green thumb.  You want a plant to die, though, she’s the one to call.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography


Powerful and Mysterious Nature

Nature is a mysterious and powerful thing.  Trees, the sun, just all of it.  In one of the old cemeteries that I visited…proof of that was in one tree.  DSC_2258It is not a tree that had just started growing.  No. This tree had been growing for quite some time. It is that this tree took on being part of a headstone, or that the headstone took on just being part of the tree.
DSC_2270The headstone was not pushed away.  The headstone was barely broken.  One mediocre crack at the bottom, but for the most part still in tack and still standing….as part of the tree.  Protruding from the tree trunk.  It mesmerizing to me, I cannot lie.
DSC_2274I don’t know why it was so mesmerizing to me.  I just found myself baffled at the fact that the headstone was relatively in tack and still standing.  Thinking about how a tree must grow, it really doesn’t surprise me all that much.  I think now that I’ve heard stories of this nature before. A tree growing around something.  It is just such a wowing thought.  Some things just push things out of the way, but not a tree. No…trees, they just make it a part of nature with them.

Kind of a cheesy, goofy way of looking at it, but just the same.  🙂  Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.  DSC_2276Montana Rose Photography

The Ministry

DSC_0035This little building sits off a road that I actually travel frequently.  For the longest time, I did not know what it was.

When I first started driving by it, there were headstones that would sit to the right of the building.  There is a bigger building to the left and crosses back behind.
DSC_0060That probably should have been a clue, but I’m not always very good about catching on quickly.  Another clue, had I paid attention, would be the sign by the bigger building that has the name of the ministry written on it.  Yes, I’m quick like that.  But…anyway.

Over time, the headstones became less and less until they no longer existed in that field.  They were not old headstones, I think the ministry must have sold them to those in need of a headstone.

The fence that once lined the little area with the crosses also disappeared.  Now very little remains.  DSC_0066

There are trees and bushes, but the drive way has long grassed over even though the information I found indicates that the ministry is still active.  If it is, it is not as active as it once was.  Then this building.  The prayer house.  DSC_0010I didn’t know what I thought that it was, but I don’t think that I was expecting a prayer house.  Then again, we’re also talking about someone whom also never noticed the big cross above the door.  Again, I’m quick like that and had just never paid enough attention before. DSC_0040.jpgI was half expecting the doors to be locked for the building to be empty, but it was not.  Inside stat cobwebs, dusty benches, flowers, a fish shaped sign with a verse from the bible, a prayer book, a bible, and offerings left behind by those that have visited (recently).

I didn’t have a lot of thought as I looked around and took in the detail.  God and I…well, our relationship is a little rocky on most days to say the least.  Still, I was glad that the little house was still in tact and still in use.  It made for some beautiful little pictures and a sobering moment.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.  DSC_0081DSC_0083
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With a peck peck here

DSC_2067And a peck peck there. Here a peck, there a peck, and still can’t get that worm.  Assuming that is what they were going for.  I’m not sure, but they were bound and determine to get it.

Much like my approach to this day.  Let’s get it done and make it a great.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

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The Gate

DSC_0053I’m sure that there is a poem or story coming, but for now I hope that you just enjoy the pictures.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.  DSC_0098Montana Rose Photography

Last of Fall….

DSC_1919Or the first of spring, I’m really unsure.  These look like fall colors to me, but I also think that these are always this color.  Either way they are quite beautiful at dusk as the sunset begins to set in the west.

I’ve taken a step back to the forest now.  It seemed like a fitting thing to do.  Between the last few weeks of shooting, I have so many pictures that have gone unshared.  I’ll most likely be taking more this weekend, or I might paint…or both.  I’m a jack of all trades.  Okay at many things, not really great at any.  It keeps me happy and distracted, so there’s that.

I took two different versions of this picture.  Couldn’t decide which one I liked more, so I am posting both.  Both have a little something, but if I was too be honest…it would be the top that I love.  What about you?

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow. DSC_1922Montana Rose Photography