Beautiful Day

DSC_2025I really just couldn’t think of another title.

You know this kitty.  I posted about him a few times ago.  Still posting from here and there from times before.  I haven’t been out anywhere.  The weather hasn’t been cooperating nor have my plans. It happens.

A friend and I were supposed to go see Confederate Railroad in concert last night. Unfortunately, the lead singer has bronchitis and they had to cancel.  I just want him to get well.  They are great guys.  I’ve seen and met them before.  Weather has been more rainy than anything else. It’s put a damper on going out and about for me.  Big plans on the horizon, though.

Not all that I had planned for this year will work out.  It is okay. As always, I will just go with it.  The one thing that I did want to do was a major camping trip and so far it seems to be working out.  There are still four weeks for something to go array and for me to have to change plans.  Positive thoughts.  I’m not overly worry.

The only thing that could possibly change is taking the zone with me.  As of right now I am going to leave her behind.  I feel like a bad pet parent and guilty for leaving her behind, but it does hinder me when I have to take her with.  Without her, I’m going to be able to camp out for free in the back country and hike.  She gets a little dramatic about camping out anyway.  You would think that I’m the world’s worst human.  She tends to act like she’s dying or she tries to steal the sleeping bag.  It’s a whole ordeal.

I have no problem taking her with me. I mean, yes, I will have to pay for camping and take twice as much water. I can’t hike out and about deep into the badlands, but it is what it is.  It is entertaining watching her travel with me and experiencing new things, but I’m not entirely opposed to leaving her behind (even though I really do feel guilty about it.  Is that possible? To feel both at the same time?).  Anyway, either way….South Dakota here I come.

With that said, I’m still hoping to bring out new pictures before then.  We shall see.  Until then, hopefully, I have enough to keep you entertained.  Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

4 thoughts on “Beautiful Day

  1. We rarely take our dogs when we travel. Especially if they can stay home and have someday they know look after them. There is one thing I know about dogs that might help you make a decision. Even though they seem like they enjoy exploring, they are more like human babies or toddlers. They’d rather be home in a consistent environment.

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    • Yes, I did suspect that they don’t like long trips as much as we do. The zone does like car rides and going with me to places, but she does tend to get way too dramatic when we are camping out. The plan really is to leave her home and will only change if those that are to watch her, change their mind last minute.


  2. Good luck with your camping plans, dog or no dog…We’d hoped to be camping this weekend, but persistent rain has put a stop to that plan. Maybe a wet hike tomorrow. Anyway, enjoy your weekend!

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    • Thank you! So far everything is a go, so I’m excited and overly anxious for it to get here. I’d move it up if I could. 🙂 Hope you can get out and hike tomorrow. Sometimes wet hikes can be just as exciting and fun. Enjoy your Sunday!


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