Lily me this….

DSC_2652Lily me that. Why does the lily color like that?  Sorry, I was trying to make it rhyme.

In all fairness, though, my mom claims these lilies were orange last year.  So, yes, why did they color purple instead of orange?  Do they change colors?  Resources say no.  Some magic seed?  I’m guessing no.  My mom not being really sure?  Um…yes, that’s probably more likely.  She does tend to just throw seeds out and not know what she’s tossing out.  She also tends to be forgetful.

So, though, it is possible there may have been some orange ones last year, I’m guessing these were not it and that the orange did not survive another, “maybe it is winter, maybe it is not” season.  We shall see. Maybe some orange ones will grow in anyway.  These on the other hand, will be purple as long as they survive…which it is my mother, so…that could be questionable in of itself.  She’s never been one with the green thumb.  You want a plant to die, though, she’s the one to call.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

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