Powerful and Mysterious Nature

Nature is a mysterious and powerful thing.  Trees, the sun, just all of it.  In one of the old cemeteries that I visited…proof of that was in one tree.  DSC_2258It is not a tree that had just started growing.  No. This tree had been growing for quite some time. It is that this tree took on being part of a headstone, or that the headstone took on just being part of the tree.
DSC_2270The headstone was not pushed away.  The headstone was barely broken.  One mediocre crack at the bottom, but for the most part still in tack and still standing….as part of the tree.  Protruding from the tree trunk.  It mesmerizing to me, I cannot lie.
DSC_2274I don’t know why it was so mesmerizing to me.  I just found myself baffled at the fact that the headstone was relatively in tack and still standing.  Thinking about how a tree must grow, it really doesn’t surprise me all that much.  I think now that I’ve heard stories of this nature before. A tree growing around something.  It is just such a wowing thought.  Some things just push things out of the way, but not a tree. No…trees, they just make it a part of nature with them.

Kind of a cheesy, goofy way of looking at it, but just the same.  🙂  Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.  DSC_2276Montana Rose Photography

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