The Ministry

DSC_0035This little building sits off a road that I actually travel frequently.  For the longest time, I did not know what it was.

When I first started driving by it, there were headstones that would sit to the right of the building.  There is a bigger building to the left and crosses back behind.
DSC_0060That probably should have been a clue, but I’m not always very good about catching on quickly.  Another clue, had I paid attention, would be the sign by the bigger building that has the name of the ministry written on it.  Yes, I’m quick like that.  But…anyway.

Over time, the headstones became less and less until they no longer existed in that field.  They were not old headstones, I think the ministry must have sold them to those in need of a headstone.

The fence that once lined the little area with the crosses also disappeared.  Now very little remains.  DSC_0066

There are trees and bushes, but the drive way has long grassed over even though the information I found indicates that the ministry is still active.  If it is, it is not as active as it once was.  Then this building.  The prayer house.  DSC_0010I didn’t know what I thought that it was, but I don’t think that I was expecting a prayer house.  Then again, we’re also talking about someone whom also never noticed the big cross above the door.  Again, I’m quick like that and had just never paid enough attention before. DSC_0040.jpgI was half expecting the doors to be locked for the building to be empty, but it was not.  Inside stat cobwebs, dusty benches, flowers, a fish shaped sign with a verse from the bible, a prayer book, a bible, and offerings left behind by those that have visited (recently).

I didn’t have a lot of thought as I looked around and took in the detail.  God and I…well, our relationship is a little rocky on most days to say the least.  Still, I was glad that the little house was still in tact and still in use.  It made for some beautiful little pictures and a sobering moment.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.  DSC_0081DSC_0083
Montana Rose Photography

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