Last of Fall….

DSC_1919Or the first of spring, I’m really unsure.  These look like fall colors to me, but I also think that these are always this color.  Either way they are quite beautiful at dusk as the sunset begins to set in the west.

I’ve taken a step back to the forest now.  It seemed like a fitting thing to do.  Between the last few weeks of shooting, I have so many pictures that have gone unshared.  I’ll most likely be taking more this weekend, or I might paint…or both.  I’m a jack of all trades.  Okay at many things, not really great at any.  It keeps me happy and distracted, so there’s that.

I took two different versions of this picture.  Couldn’t decide which one I liked more, so I am posting both.  Both have a little something, but if I was too be honest…it would be the top that I love.  What about you?

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow. DSC_1922Montana Rose Photography

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