The Reason Why….

DSC_2565I photograph old “forgotten” cemeteries.  I phrased it that way, because I don’t tend to go into just any cemetery.  No.  It is also not that I’m in the habit of justifying too much of what I do.  I’m not the justifying type, but I had a conversation with someone the other day whom told me it was weird.  That is fine.  I’ve never really been of the normal sort.  However, it is not because I’m not “normal,” whatever that means.

This particular cemetery is not only long lost on the might as well be forgotten list, it is also a historical cemetery.  The town’s founders are there and there are unknown confederate soldiers buried here.  Those that follow me regularly will not be surprised by this fact, but that is what attracted me to finally go within the gates.   I will get to them in another post, though.

When I first lived here, in this town-the first time around, I actually lived down the street from this cemetery.  It used to creep me out.  To no end, did it creep me out.  It felt like there was some seriously bad juju coming from here; especially, at night.  Not sure why, it just did.  Then one day I was driving by the  fence on the main road and I saw just a line of little flags stars and stripes and the rebel flag.  Naturally, being the historical little buff that I am…I became intrigued.  Alas, I never went in.

I decided this time that it was time to go in.  I also have friends that are ghost hunters that live for that kind of thing.  That is for another day, though.  I went in, because I wanted to see these soldiers and figure out how they came to be in this little town that had nothing to do with the civil war.  Or so I thought.  I also just have a thing for the old and forgotten, even cemeteries.  The history and a sort of respect.  I won’t get all melancholy and dramatic, though.  It’s just something that I’ve always been kind of drawn to do.

I know it is weird to most, but I will have to accept that.  I’m sure that psychiatrist would have a field day with it. My own psychology based mindset has all kinds of theories. It is what it is.

What does this have to do with the pictures.  Like those yesterday, these were taken in that very same forgotten little cemetery.  The only non-wild flowers that grow here.  One of four sets.  One of the only three that did not stand alone.  It was nice to see something that indicated, that reminded…these were much more than forgotten stones due to the reality of time.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

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