Amongst the Forgotten

DSC_2454That is rather a meek title, I know.  Sadly, though, it is fitting.

Some where in the southern part of this town I currently live, there is a cemetery that has been forgotten.  I won’t say the name, nor will say exactly where it is.  It wouldn’t be hard to figure out, but for some reason…I just do not feel the need to share that information.  I also cannot say that it is long forgotten.   It’s not long forgotten, it’s not even really forgotten.  The tenants maybe.  The cemetery, though, it is hard to forget or miss.

This cemetery lost his caretaker some time back.  He’s not been replaced.  The owners are now a historical society of type. Not sure what happened to the original owners.  I believe that they too have long passed.

Burials no longer take place. The gravel road as long been without tread.  The main gate is locked.  Now all that remains is the ability to walk through a smaller gate and explore.  Volunteers are depended on to clean, but it appears that is a slow and rare occasion.  The stones, those they represent….most of who had cared about them…they too are long, long gone.

Grass is overgrown.  Weeds  and wild flowers grace most of the land.  The stones are so old. A few have been replaced, but most are as old as the dates on them. It is a little heavy on the heart walking through this cemetery.  The idea of reality. The lack of immortality. Even the hardest of hearts take a moment.  Then through it all, stands a bit of beauty.

The flowers that were planted by loved ones long-long ago. That continue to grow despite the lack of care tended to them over the last years.  The magic that is tulips.  They graced a few.  This one was my favorite. The only red one and the only one that stood by itself.  Maybe a little symbolic. Maybe just because.  Either way,  despite the sadness and cemetery that has long been forgotten on the list…there is still a bit of beauty to remind that once upon a time ago….there was more than just care that went into those stones that stand by them.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.


Montana Rose Photography

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