All About That Face

DSC_2207You met his twin yesterday.  This is the other ornery one.  He was also the most daring out of the bunch. The one that had no problem getting up close and personal.  He wouldn’t let you touch him, but he was all sorts of curious about who you were.

I love these shots.  The cats kind of renewed my confidence in my photography.  Not that I was doubting it, but I was in frustration mode.  Seems like I spend a lot of time there when I focus too much time on the “Business” portion of photography.

Anyway, I was able to get a lot of amazing shots, but these were some of the best.  It was just a good day all around.  I was relaxed, I wasn’t worried about what I was taking photos of or why.  Would anyone like them?  No, I just did it for me, without a care in the world.  I was down in the dirt (and hen poo, I’m pretty sure).  Lying in the grass. Just enjoying the moment.   I so often forget to do that.  Glad that I didn’t on this day.

This little cutie looks amazing.  Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.  DSC_2209DSC_2212DSC_2218Montana Rose Photography

6 thoughts on “All About That Face

  1. Just so you know, most working photographers spend about 80% of our time doing business and about 20% of the time taking pictures. Sheesh, even today. I spent all day going back and forth on email with a client and art director prepping to shoot this evening for about 30 minutes. Sheesh.

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