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Memorial Day…

DSC_1600.jpgIt is Memorial Day here in the states.  For most this means a time of barbecues, camping, and three day weekends.  For others, it is a time to remember those that served and fell.  For me it is a time to remember them all (though I do this quite often the best that I can).  Those that served, those that still serve, those that have become lost, those that have fallen, and those that have suffered.

I won’t say that I have not indulged in the delights of the holiday weekend.  It has been a busy one.  Hanging out, cooking out, and enjoying nature.  Alas, I have not forgotten why we have it.  My uncle’s picture hangs on the wall.  Honored for his many years of service.  His reasons for going in much different for the reason why he has continued to, even if only in civilian mode.  Then the countless others.  I won’t ramble, but just the same.

Whatever this day is to you, may it be a wonderful one.    Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

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Picnic Day

DSC_2091.jpgI love warm weather and the outdoors.  We grilled out today and went for a little hike.  This picture isn’t from that. I left my camera at home.  Sometimes I just have to do that.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

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Purple Rain….

DSC_2686Okay, this is obviously not rain, but that is what popped into my head.  I liked Prince way back in the day and do workout to one of his songs, but ‘Purple Rain’ was never really at the top of my list.  It’s nothing against the song, or Prince.  We just all have our preferences.

Anyway, completely irrelevant to the pictures as they don’t even involve rain…just purple.  I shot these out of my car window while my friend was trying to figure out our next location.  You can do that kind of thing in the country.  Just sit at a stop sign shooting pictures while the passengers play around on their GPS.

Other than that there is nothing special about them. They were just pretty enough to shoot and share.  Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.
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The Water Wheel

DSC_2681Provided I’m sure that is not the technical term for it, but just the same.  This is also long not operational as you can tell from the pictures.  It is merely for decoration outside of the building in which is stands.

Held up by a concrete casing.  It no longer turns and it is no longer near the water.  The only water it sees is the rain that pours down every now and then (or some little kid that has spilled his drink).  Nothing wrong with that.

The test of times have settled on it and it made for okay pictures.  I didn’t put my best foot forward, but they turned out well enough to share.  Hope you have a beautiful day and tomorrow.  DSC_2682
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Covered Bridge

DSC_2709.jpgSuch an original title isn’t it?  This is a historical covered bridge.  I didn’t get to explore it or read up on it.  I could probably google it (or in my case bing it), but…yeah.  I didn’t read the sign, because this is still an active bridge on a not so wide road.  One of many.

There are several covered bridges in Indiana (I think several other places too. I know there are some in Michigan).  Anyway, we have a Covered Bridge Festival every year, but I’ve never gone.  Maybe this will be the year. I was going to add a “doubt it,” but I’m feeling adventurous, so we shall see.

That’s about all I have for today.  I hope you have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

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Beautiful Day

DSC_2025I really just couldn’t think of another title.

You know this kitty.  I posted about him a few times ago.  Still posting from here and there from times before.  I haven’t been out anywhere.  The weather hasn’t been cooperating nor have my plans. It happens.

A friend and I were supposed to go see Confederate Railroad in concert last night. Unfortunately, the lead singer has bronchitis and they had to cancel.  I just want him to get well.  They are great guys.  I’ve seen and met them before.  Weather has been more rainy than anything else. It’s put a damper on going out and about for me.  Big plans on the horizon, though.

Not all that I had planned for this year will work out.  It is okay. As always, I will just go with it.  The one thing that I did want to do was a major camping trip and so far it seems to be working out.  There are still four weeks for something to go array and for me to have to change plans.  Positive thoughts.  I’m not overly worry.

The only thing that could possibly change is taking the zone with me.  As of right now I am going to leave her behind.  I feel like a bad pet parent and guilty for leaving her behind, but it does hinder me when I have to take her with.  Without her, I’m going to be able to camp out for free in the back country and hike.  She gets a little dramatic about camping out anyway.  You would think that I’m the world’s worst human.  She tends to act like she’s dying or she tries to steal the sleeping bag.  It’s a whole ordeal.

I have no problem taking her with me. I mean, yes, I will have to pay for camping and take twice as much water. I can’t hike out and about deep into the badlands, but it is what it is.  It is entertaining watching her travel with me and experiencing new things, but I’m not entirely opposed to leaving her behind (even though I really do feel guilty about it.  Is that possible? To feel both at the same time?).  Anyway, either way….South Dakota here I come.

With that said, I’m still hoping to bring out new pictures before then.  We shall see.  Until then, hopefully, I have enough to keep you entertained.  Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

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