Tree Huggers….

DSC_1671They were everywhere.  Tree huggers. And now they are getting their kids involved?  I’m mean come on.  I get having a cause, but to really hug a tree?  I just don’t understand.    I KID.  I actually have a serious respect for tree huggers or nature itself.  I’ve actually hugged a tree or two, but don’t tell anyone.  I mean, you’ve got to watch out for those tree hugging types.  We are a different kind of breed.

These just made me laugh.  They are so cute.  There were three of these artistic pieces in the area.  They were so neat and well crafted (and dressed better than me).  I wish that I was that artistic.

These guys were in Bernheim Forest.  The zone and I took off Saturday and drove until I something struck a chord.  Nothing really did, but I had traveled a bit of distance and didn’t want the day to go to waste.  I’ve actually been to this forest before with friends during the fall.  It’s quite beautiful.  Unfortunately, the zone and I didn’t get a lot of time here.  Which is probably a good thing.  I picked up a few ticks while we were there.  The zone didn’t, but I did and I was bugged out for the rest of the night.  Very few things send my skin crawling faster than ticks.  I shudder just thinking about it.  Anyway.

These “tree huggers” were hiding up by the visitor center.  There were so many artistic pieces up there.  It was so beautiful.  I love art and I love nature and the way that these two were entwined was quite awesome.

To be a bit cheesy for a bit, I also especially love the below picture.  The mama and little one.  I know that they are not real, but I love what they symbolize. The passion for nature and teaching a child how important it is to protect what is left of it.  It is something so many have forgotten.  I went through and old state park that I frequented before I moved away from here.  So many of the trees had been cut down to create space for unnecessary pathways, but I digress.  I will not jump on that soapbox, but seriously.

Anyway, I’ve hugged a tree.  I won’t lie.  I’ll probably do it again just because.  And I most definitely will pass long the lesson to my children.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

DSC_1717Montana Rose Photography

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