Kentucky Bluebird

DSC_1129Okay, so this is clearly not a bluebird nor was this taken in Kentucky, but I do ever so love that song.  Kentucky Bluebird as sang by one Mr. Keith Whitley.  Love me some Keith Whitley.

Kentucky Bluebird
I heard your song today
But when I try to touch you
You fly away

I am not sure what that song has to do with the picture.  Nothing really.  I was just trying to think of a good song that was fitting to the picture.  That one started playing in my head, so here we are.   It’s too be expected. I’m kind of random like that.

Anyway,  this may not be a bluebird and this may not be in Kentucky, but I think the song is kind of fitting.  I love this little guy.  Him and his buddies were all quite beautiful, but I really just love his coloring.  It’s kind of like he is the king and he his showing off a bit.  He’s probably earned that right.

Show on, little guy, show on.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

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