I’ve Seen….

DSC_1141Just about everything, but I’ve never seen an elephant fly.  Okay, so a) I’m totally showing my age, but who doesn’t love Dumbo and B) these are neither crows nor are they sitting on a telephone wire.  Alas, this is what came to mind when I saw these guys sitting here.

I actually chased these guys up onto the fence and higher ground.  Not on purpose, but I y got cocky and tried to get too close.  They actually still let me get pretty close and didn’t really seem to care too much that I was there.  I think that I mentioned it in another post that they were a lot like the horses of Assateague…fine with people until it became too many.  With that said, they eventually flew away, but not before I managed to get a few good shots.

I am also pretty sure that at this point, I can no longer say that I’m not a bird watcher.  Provided, I don’t sit outside with binoculars nor do I know every name, but they are beautiful little creatures.  I know enough to know that these were pigeons and it was so neat to see the various colors.  I love the one on the end. Can you guess which one?

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

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