DSC_0860I kind of loathe you….at least the major city part of you.  The car horns honking, all because taxi drivers think that they have the right of way even when they do not.  The serious waves of people (missing from this picture) and the massive bumper to bumper traffic (also missing from this picture).  I will be hearing car horns in my nightmares for weeks to come.

I should not blame Chicago.  It is a beautiful city, if you are a city person.  I am not, but the need for cultural and artistic things makes it hard for me to avoid them all the time.  I mean, there are just some things that you can only do in the bigger cities.  I also realize that they are not all exactly like Chicago.   Each has its own distinctive annoyances and charm.  Just like all cities and towns, I suppose.

I’ve actually been to Chicago before, but I realized in this trip….all my other visits have never led me to the heart of downtown.  I am not a real fan of the heart of downtown.  All the traffic and herds of the rude and inconsiderate kind of put a damper on it.  There are some highlights, though.  I will not say that there weren’t.

The Chicago P.D. had amazing people walking the streets.  Thank you to the officer that stopped to help us figure out where we were.  All hearts out to the men (and ladies) in blue.  The Chicogian that also helped get us back in the right direction to the pizza place, since the GPS on my phone also did not like the heart of Chicago.  And then my favorite parts,  the structures and the night lights.  I do ever so love the historic old buildings.  The detail and structures.  The only thing I probably would say….we should have taken the train.

It probably doesn’t help my mood that our original intention for the trip was forgo-ed.  We had gone to tour the The Private Bank Theater and the Oriental.  We were late, thanks to a parking garage that refused to allow us to park there because the parking attendant was not available at the time of our arrival.  Have you ever heard of such thing?  Turning away business?  I digress, though.  Anyway, we were about 20 or so minutes late and the tour had already moved on to the second theater and there was no way for us to catch up to them.  It happens.  Not thrilled about the spending of the money on the tickets that we never got to use, but it happens.  What can you do?  Not a lot.  Make the most of it and move on.

With that said, the trip was not a total wash.  We ended up staying until late in the evening so that we could attend a “Ghost Tour”.  Had some pretty tasty pizza at one of the most popular pizza places there.  And…I managed to get some tolerable shots worth sharing.  At least I feel that way now. I’m sure the more I look at them, I may begin to feel differently about some of them.  Alas, I will probably share them anyway and let you be the judge.  Until then, I bid adieu.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

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