The Hag…As in….

DSC_0733Haggard.  Merle Haggard.  May he rest in peace.

The world has lost another outlaw.  One of the last remaining outlaws in country music.  And the last of my favorite outlaws.  This picture is clearly not of Mr. Haggard.  Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures of him…at least that I, myself, have taken.  I never had the privilege of seeing him in concert.  It was on my bucket list; especially, since the man was bound and determined to tour until he could no longer do so.   He can no longer do so, here on earth. I hope that he is still doing so wherever he may be.

I should sit here and say how he was a great influence in my life, because my parents were always listening to him. However, truth be told…that would be a lie.  I’m actually quite different than my parents, and most my family, in the country vs. city regard.  My mom listens to country, my dad tolerates country music, but I’m the only one that really loves country music to a core.

I’m not even sure how that ride got started. Could blame it on my roots, but my roots definitely got their water from a different source than the actual roots I stemmed from.  I am the one that always shows up in the boots, let’s just say that.  Anyway, my passion for country music just kind of happened one day and I’ve always had serious respect for Merle and the rest of the gang, Waylon and Cash and the Opossum (George Jones) and many others.  The older country…when country music was still country music. Not knocking the newer stuff, just not always approving of the newer stuff, but I digress.

With that said, moving on.  This picture is the closest picture that I could find that represented what I wanted.  Even though I’m not even sure what that is.  Something that represented a scene you might picture when someone is riding off for the last time.  The movie story ending type.  At least for me, that is what I like to picture.

I mean, I never knew the man. This may not be his kind of ride.  He may not have been a “shore man” at all, but I like to think he would like this scene.  I really can see him standing here and riding off into the sun one last time.  Meeting up with the outlaws, that left long before him, on the other side.

Whatever your last ride was….May you rest in peace, Mr. Haggard.  Your music will live on, at least in this house and I’m positive many others.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

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