Little More Trent

DSC_0617-3It is not often that I walk away with an indoor, no flash shoot with multiple pictures that I adore.  I would like to think that my skills are improving, but it might just be my new camera.  Love that thing.  Have I mentioned that?  🙂  Seriously, though, I’m  b impressed with the shots that I got (that I like) and I hope you are two.  Here’s a couple more to judge.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.  DSC_0628-2

Montana Rose Photography

5 thoughts on “Little More Trent

  1. You’re doing a nice job with stage lighting. And, musicians in general. I’d suggest you try to bring the highlights (even his face) down a little bit and slightly open the shadows. BTW, what is your new camera?

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    • Well, thank you kindly, Sir. I did try to adjust the shadows and highlights, but I was worried about his face being too dark. I will revisit them, though. Thank you for the input.

      As for my new camera. It is a Nikon D7100. Not one of the big ones that I wanted, but this was more affordable and allows me to put the Sony away like I’ve been wanting to do.


      • If you were able to make his face about the tone of the top of his shoulder in the bottom picture, you’d have it. The 7100 is a fine camera. If you keep photographing music, you might want something with a bigger sensor but you seem to be doing fine.

        You’re welcome.

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      • I will have to work on it. There are some post editing skills that I’ve not mastered yet and I’m always afraid I’ll do more damage than good. I’m working on it, though.

        I like my camera. It was a good choice for what I had to spend at the time. I will keep that in mind, though, when I’m ready to upgrade again.


      • Don’t forget. You can save the original, make a copy and just work on that. Just so you know, I never save less than three copies of the original file — one on some cloud, one on the computer’s hard drive and one on a portable HD.

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