The Old Boat…

There it sat, long since it had seen the water.  The only roughage it saw now was the weeds growing around it.  His paint was chipping, his color fading, and his wood decaying.  The only thing still in tact without question, the rope that once kept the old boat from floating off. His trusty, reliable rope.  Much like he had become, nothing more than decor.  Sitting upon its place, staring upon the sky.

The time had taken its toll.  There was nothing left for him to do.  Once gone every weekend, taking on the waves….his place..nothing more than fixture.  Sitting there in his place amongst the new. A symbol of how change had come.  What was versus what is.

A Forgotten wreckage.  One always seen.  A part of the scenery.  His bottom long apart of the dirt.  his bow and staring at the water he once ruled.  Now nothing more than an old boat amongst the grass.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

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