That Kind of Day

DSC_0094It is just that kind of day.  The princess has it right and I’m not just calling her that.  It’s her name and she is definitely treated like one.  The girl is purchased Mickey D’s everyday…I wish I was kidding.  She is treated like royalty, but I guess that is the way we are supposed to treat our animals.

Truth be told, the Zone might be getting the short end of the stick there.  She doesn’t get special meals, unless I feel like sharing my ice cream.  I don’t do  McDonald’s, so she is not getting it.  I mean, she still gets treated right, but there is no doubt who is the alpha.  Of course it helps that I gave her a middle name.  She seems to take me a bit more seriously when I call her Zoey Lynne.  🙂  I think the zone’s still got it good, though.  I mean after all, she usually ends up with more than half of the bed and covers.  Even if she doesn’t agree.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

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