New Camera…

DSC_0028 (2)So, I broke down and bought a new camera.  Not a fancy one in comparison to those that are considered “Professional,” but it works for me.  It has a 55-300mm, so I no longer have an excuse to keep the Sony.  It’s been good to me for the most part, but I haven’t really used it much.  I like my Nikons better.   We all have our preferences right?

The zone is not impressed.  I mean, we know how much she loves it when I point a camera at her.  The picture above shows her lack of interest.

In other news, the move is semi-complete.  I have some final touches that I need to do back in Ohio. Grab that in which would not fit.  I thought moving the last time was a pain.  So, much as been acquired in the last seven years.  I didn’t even bring it all, and much stuff.  I’m ready for the next chapter and the next set of pictures.  Not sure when that will be, so it will remain much of the same…please bear with me on that.

Until later, have a beautiful day and tomorrow.  DSC_0078
Montana Rose Photography

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