Nest it….


What can be said about this.  It is obviously a nest. I know, I know.  You are surprised aren’t you?

What are nests?  A structure made by birds (for sake of the pictures).  Every little nook and cranny.  Every detail.  Every piece of dried grass, string, and whatever else that bird found to build it.  It is a creation, hand made (beak made) to settle down, lay eggs and raise babies until they’re ready to go out on their own.  Simple enough, but it is me…let’s make this complicated.  🙂  I kid.  I won’t make it overly complicated, but that does have me thinking.

That is exactly what life is.  Each of our lives, we can pick and choose the pieces that we use to build are own little nest.  Some of us out grow the nest and have to start over again, but so do birds.  Either way, our life and where we end up…that is on us.  We pick the dried pieces of grass and the string, the mud, and what have you.  We choose how to arrange (use) those pieces to build our structure, our lives.  We build our nest. We decide what it looks like.  We are the ones that have to make it work.  Preachy, I know and  I apologize.

My own nest is changing.  I am stopping for a layover in between here and my destination. I have to pick up some pieces to make sure that my structure is solid. It was not the original plan that I started a month or so ago.  It is even different than what it was a week ago.  We have to adjust our nest to go with the wind and my wind is constantly throwing in direction changes.  I’m good with that, though.  I also don’t know what the final product is going to look like, but I look forward to whatever it is.  Guess that is the joy of being a wild, wild child. It’s a beautiful and crazy life. Let’s do this.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.
Montana Rose Photography

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