Horse Rules….

DSC_0232The rules are simple: Do not touch the horses. Do not feed the horses. Stay at least a bus length away from the horses.

Now provided that last one is often a bit easier said than the done, but the others are simple and doable. Unfortunately, they are also the ones that I saw broken more and more over this last trip that I took.  It was rather aggravating.

Now, don’t get me wrong…I tend to be a, “Don’t try this at home,” risk-taker.  Climbing something that is a little questionable.  Tending to get a little too close to a big ole bull moose (or bear),  but I know the limits and there are some rules that I really do not break.  Feeding and touching these animals is one of them.  It’s not only not good for the humans, it’s not really good for the animals.

I will stay off my soapbox, but seriously.

In these picture, the Sham and his girl had just gotten done eating something that some father told his son to toss on the ground for them.  Another woman encouraged her daughter (or niece or whatever) to get as close as she could so they could take a picture.  She then encouraged the girl to stick her hand out so that the female could sniff her hand.  Mind you, all three of the acts were performed five feet away from the sign that clearly stated not to do any of that.  So, yeah.

I’m  getting on my soapbox, but I’m just saying…rules.  Common sense.

These horses are not the typical domesticated beauties that roam around in pastures.  Her ears going back, that was not a sign of affection (and even domesticated horse owners know that.  Actually, any animal owner knows the indications of annoyance and anger).

Wild horses (as wild as they can be) and other wild animals, stop being so when we start treating them like domesticated beauties instead of the wild beauties they actually are.

Okay, I’m done. Sorry about that, apparently that was more of a tumbleweed in my spur than I thought that it was.  Closing back up the soapbox.

As far as these pictures, I love these two shots. The bottom one is my favorite.  The Sham, he had his eye on me the majority of the time.  I know my place. I did not cross that line (though I will not lie, there were a couple of times I was a little closer than I should be, but that wasn’t always my fault).
Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

DSC_0234 (2)

Montana Rose Photography

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