In Darkness There Is Light

DSC_0087Through the darkness, one shall find light
Through that light, one shall find enlightenment
Through that enlightenment, one shall find peace.

That is all I have for that. I may come up with more later or I may leave it, we shall see.  For now, have a beautiful day and tomorrow.
Montana Rose Photography

7 thoughts on “In Darkness There Is Light

    • No, I’ve been posting everyday. It hasn’t given me any errors. I’ve noticed since their more recent set of changes, it has been finicky, though. On my end WordPress often picks and chooses which post it is going to show me. I’ve been having to go into a few that I really like, directly, to see their most recent post.


      • The Reader is a mess now. I don’t see anybody that I follow there. But, I still get everybody’s emails when they post. But, not yours. They may be others who don’t post as frequently. The work around, btw, is to open your site. Go to WP Admin. Go to new post and that will open the “classic” desktop. I originally thought that with all your changes that you were taking a blogging break. But, you continued to like my work, which didn’t quite track so I looked at your site and there the new posts were.


      • No, not yet. I still have the same job so it requires multiple mental breaks throughout the day so I usually just post during one of those. So, I’m guessing whatever issue has created this laps in notifications is probably a WordPress issue. This is what happens when sites insist on fixing what is not really broken.


      • Of course, it’s a WordPress issue. If it’s nothing you’re doing and I know it’s not me, since the only people I ever sort of “turn off” is those folks who feel obligated to post about 20 times a day and even then, I just schedule them to once a week, it has to be WP. All I know is that it probably too many programming engineers with not enough to do. 🙂


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