The Walk

DSC_0250 (2)She made this walk every morning. Cold air brushing through her mane.  Her breath billowing like mist.  Like all things with grace, the wind chased her. The birds sang her song. Merely being visitors in her land, even we bowed as she passed.

*** This is one of the bay-side duo beauties.  There use to be four, on this trip only two.  From the looks of it, come spring they’ll be back up to three (or just one and two).  Rumor has it that mamas move off main land to the smaller islands to deliver their young.  I don’t know if she and the little one will meet back up with the stallion or if he will have to find a new group of girls.  For now, they are together and they made for a beautiful little view.***

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

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