Sitting Around

SONY DSCI don’t think any of these are duplicates. They might be. I had several from this series and I did not upload them the way that I did in the past.  If they any of them are duplicates, I apologize.

It is officially 2016 and I’m not sure what my specific goals are .  Well, other than making sure it was better than 2015.  This week has been an emotional roller coaster so I’m just kind of meh.  I suppose that is what happens when in a matter of a week a job is interested in you and then not interested in you and then suddenly interested in you again.  The old me would have told them where to go, I cannot lie.

With that said, the next month will be a huge defining moment in my life.  It can go one of two ways.  I will either be accepting a new job or I will be on the verge of making one of the riskiest decisions I’ve ever made.  I’m no longer sure which way I want it to go.  Both need to happen, but unfortunately they cannot happen at the same time.

Accepting a new job for most would not seem like a huge defining moment, but for me it is.  I’ve been working the same job for seven years. A job that allows me to work from home and not really use a lot of brain power.  This new job is in a completely different field and people’s lives will be in my hands…a lot of brain power.  Kind of huge and intimidating.  We shall see how it goes.

For now, I am just waiting around to see which way the wing  blows (I meant wind, but then I decided to leave it since I have pictures of birds in this post…I know, bad joke).

It seems like I’m always just sitting around and waiting.  Not being a fan of that, I’ve vowed to do less of that in 2016.  I’m not going to be as careless as I was in 2015, but I will be a little bit more on the brave side as far as making some seemingly risky decisions.  Decisions that I would normally plan and plan and plan for, that would probably never happen because things never-ever go as they are planned.  Those kinds of decisions.

For those that are wondering what either of these means for my photography.  Truth be told, I’m still unsure.  Photography is who I am. I write, I photograph.  It will probably be something that I always do.  However, right now I cannot full answer that question.

As for the pictures…there’s not much to say. I already had them tagged with my photography namesake and they were already uploaded to WordPress.  They just seemed fitting as well.

Seagulls are always just kind of sitting around and waiting. Waiting for their meal. Waiting for nothing. Just sitting and observing.  Sitting and relaxing.  This bridge is on the bay side and it is their favorite place to sit. I get it.  I do.

May you have an amazing 2016.  Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

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