Sham It Again

DSC_0190 (2)The Sham.  Such a beautiful boy and he was a rock star model on this trip.  He was also a different boy.

Maybe it is because I have never stayed on the beach side before. Maybe he really was a different boy.  Whatever it may be, the Sham apparently has a rebellious side.

He and his two girls were ransacking campsites that weekend stay, including mine.  Kind of. I managed to grab my chips and the zone before Sham’s main girl got to the picnic table.  The zone was not impressed.   I was. They had no shame.

I wonder about Sham.  Not his health, but the first time I met him…he was with two completely different girls.  Ninka and Sierra.  Then this past May they had gained two more.  My November trip, it was just Sham and the two new girls.

Sierra and Ninka were nowhere to be found. I mean, nowhere.  Didn’t see them once.  Provided…there were places I could not go.  Still, they were not in their typical hiding places.  I just can’t help but wonder what happened to them.  I am hopeful they are fine and roaming the island elsewhere, but I digress.

As for Sham.  When it was he, Ninka, and Sierra…well, they tried to avoid people.  For the most part it seemed.  Now, Sham no longer seemed to really care.   I mean, whether or not there were people around.  At one point, he shoved his way through myself and a couple I was talking with.  We were apparently in his way.  I mean, the rest of the road…those extra steps to go around. He is the king, I’m just sayin’.

It might not be fair to blame the girls.  They apparently are younger girls.  Younger and more rebellious.  Plus, the island has become overrun with tourist compared to what it once was.  At least from when I first discovered it.

Even over a holiday weekend,  the campers there….ample amounts.  Not just hunters. I expected hunters.  These were families.  Families there to see the horses. I get it, I do.  That was why I was there. Still…I don’t really know how to explain it.  The island just felt different.  It had changed.

Sham, maybe he really has changed too.  Maybe he had to.  People everywhere…can’t beat them, join them?  Maybe?  It could really be anything. I shouldn’t try to speculate.

I have since lost my train of thought.  Amazing how that sometimes happens.  Anyway, I guess that I will spare you anymore of my rambling.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

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