DSC_0102I have been thinking a lot about components.  How one component will drastically change everything in some situations.  How the many components work together. How they affect everything about whatever it is they are a part of. Like component s of a picture.  Just components.

That, however, is a deep and meaningful conversation for another day.  I will spare you all of that.

This is the Naturalistic Shack of Ferry Landing on Assateague.  I don’t think it is a functional building as much as it is just a historical site now.  The name kind of makes it sound like it is one of those places that sells nothing but all natural products.  Or like it is the kind place where you really need to have a medical card.  I’ll let you decide.

I do have a thing for old buildings, but this one doesn’t really do much for me.  I do like the scenery that it often creates.  Say late afternoon when the sun is getting ready to set for the evening.  I mean, I’m just spit-balling ideas.

Anyway, this is one of two of my favorite shots from this shoot.  You will just have to wait for the other.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

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