DSC_0738As the sun began to set, I sat in silence listening to the waves.  It was my last night on the island and I knew it would be my last time for quite a while.  Words I’ve said before, but words with a different meaning this time.

The girl I was when I discovered this island was no longer the girl that would be leaving the next morning.  Even the island, itself, has become a different place.

So much has changed over this last year.  I’ve changed.  Next year there are even more changes in store.  Changes that will affect my blog, my photography, and my future.  What these exact changes will be, I do not yet know.

Monday I start one of two interviews for a new job.  It is what I went to school for and I must continue to pay the bills.  If the changes sway in this direction, photography will go back to being…well, pretty much what it is now.  I do not know if I will continue to try and make a business out of it.  The blog…well, its fate is still undecided and will depend on the outcome of the rest of the year.

If these interviews are unsuccessful…well, one thought at the time. Either way, there are new adventures on the horizon and they don’t really contain too many of the old.

I have a tote full of old writings.  A fairly sizable tote. I stopped doing that long ago.  I miss doing that.  Writing the blog…well, it hasn’t been what I initially planned.

My travels may be limited, I am not sure.  I do ever so loving traveling, so it will continue to make its way into my life.

I do not really know what 2016 has in store for me. I know what I would like to see happen, but life often has its own plans.  We shall see.  What I know for sure is there is a different girl than the one that was leaving that beach and truth be told…I really am okay with that.

I appreciate all of my followers and as soon as I have some final decisions or further knowledge, you will know as well.  For now, the blog is not going anywhere, but things will change in 2016.  I’m just not sure in what direction, but that is for another day.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

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