Surf’s Up….

DSC_0311Surf’s up….apparently.  These are still not quite the waves I picture when I think of surfers, but they turn out in the dozens to surf these waters off this island.

This is just a simple photo. I posed it like this on purpose. I like it this way.  Hope you do to0.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.

Montana Rose Photography

2 thoughts on “Surf’s Up….

  1. Looks like a nice beach even if the waves aren’t so great for surfing! Tried surfing a couple of times – it’s exhausting, even in calmer waters. You have to admire their stamina and commitment, but these days I think I’d rather stroll the beach in your photo!

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    • It is a very nice beach. I like it better when there are fewer people on it. It was pretty crowded the last time (back in May) when I went, but this time it was fairly quiet.

      As for surfing…I’ve not actually tried it. These guys seem pretty dedicated and serious about it. You really do have to admire it, like you said; especially, since it wasn’t really all that warm this time around. I’ll just continue to observe from the sandy beach side.

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