Why Did The Turkey….

DSC_0367 (2)

Cross the road?  Honestly, probably to get away from the photographer.

It has been a few years since I have seen turkeys running amok.  I saw these guys multiples time on Sunday.  I mean, after all, the best place to hide from a hunter is out in the open.

Of course in their defense, I didn’t hear a single hunter on Sunday. I think by then, like most of the campers, the hunters had packed up and moved out.  All the wildlife was out to play so it seemed.

These turkeys….they were so fast.  Kind of like my vacation. Ha! I know, horrible joke.  I’ll close on that note.

Have a beautiful day and tomorrow.DSC_0378 (2)DSC_0395DSC_0396 (2)

Montana Rose Photography

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